• Message from the President

  • Jodie A. Perry





    Welcome to Richland County, Ohio!

    A couple years ago we kicked off the #RichlandRocks campaign to encourage our local residents to take more pride in the great things happening in our area. Since then, we’ve seen the hashtag grow organically and pop up in a myriad of different places. Richland County is on the move and it is already home to some really great things. I am a transplant to the area and having been here nearly three years now, I am always learning new things about our area. Allow me to share some of what I’ve learned.              

    Richland County is home to three innovative institutions of higher education: Ohio State University at Mansfield, North Central State College and the Ashland University School of Nursing.  Each of them distinguishes themselves in different ways but they are each extremely involved in the community and helping to educate our workforce for the 21st Century.

    Richland County is also a large and diverse geographical area.  Spend some time up north where the land is flatter and more open and you will see many large farms in operation.  There is an Amish & Mennonite population up in that area who operate unique stores like the Planktown Market and Country Fabrics.  Down south the land turns into rolling hills and winding roads as you skirt along the edge of the Mohican State Forest.  This area is home to a number of unique camps such as Ohio Dreams Action Sports Camp and the Mohican Outdoors School which offers year round training in environmental education.

    Richland County is also home to a number of cities, villages and towns each showing a fierce pride in their area.  Our largest city is Mansfield which is a hub of business activity, home to a thriving downtown area and where the region’s largest medical center is located.  Shelby offers a great quality of life in a small-city setting while also serving as the home of many businesses and large employers.  Ontario is a regional center of retail, health care and service businesses and continuing to grow.  The Village of Lexington happens to be home to one of Richland County’s fastest growing businesses (Next Gen Films) as well as host to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course which holds many world-class events each year.  The Village of Bellville is a hub of recreational activity in our area and home to a unique institution – the Ohio Genealogical Society.  Butler, Plymouth, Shiloh, Lucas and many more areas are all an important part of the fabric of our County.

    Richland County is an area poised for much future success. It is not an area sitting around waiting for good things – it is already busy making them happen.  From historic tourist attractions such as the Ohio State Reformatory (where “The Shawshank Redemption” was filmed) to modern favorites like the Little Buckeye Children’s Museum, it is a unique place to live, work and visit.  I know that you will enjoy your time here!  Remember -- #RichlandRocks – Share the Love!